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21/09 - The AG Roller Bike Parade of Roeselare is confirmed ! 2PM - Sportline (Koestraat 175)


AG Roller Bike Parade

All summer long, the AG Roller Bike Parade brings you all over Belgium to make you live unforgettable moments! Rollerblades, bike, longboard... What will be your favourite mean of transport?

AG Roller Bike Parade
ag roller bike parade

The AG Roller Bike Parade is open to anyone who is at least 10 years old. Either you are a beginner or a pro, come and ride with us.

It is the perfect opportunity to gather your friends, family members and sport buddies to a sportive and bouncy event.


Every wheeled vehicles (that can also be electric) :

  • roller
  • skate
  • longboard
  • scooter
  • bmx
  • bike
  • monowheel

Due to safety considerations, pedestrians cannot participate.

Two DJs will perform on pick-ups specially equipped with sounds and lights installation : great moments and fun won’t be missing during the parades.


A 5km course that will suit both kids and adults, beginners and experts. The perfect way to get involved in a physical activity without being too tired. The Parade leads you back to the starting point.


This time, the course will be longer. 20km of pure fun and good vibes. This is an ideal course for those who want to challenge themselves. The Parade leads you back to the starting point.


Check the calendar here

You must provide your own mean of transport as well as the drinks. It is strongly advised to stay hydrated during physical efforts. By bringing safety equipment you will avoid injuries in case of any falls.

AG roller bike parade
wiko roller bike parade -
AG Roller Bike Parade

The biggest meeting in Belgium

For this season 2019, the AG Roller Bike Parade will be held in several cities from June 7  to September 13, for the pleasure of all fans of alternative mobility. Free for both young and old people.

WARNING: in case of bad weather, and for security reasons, the parade. At 4pm, the day of the parade, an official announcement will be made on the website and the Facebook page of the event, should it be unfortunately canceled.

This year, the AG Roller Bike Parade reinvents itself through new collaborations and performances by local artists and collectives.


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