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Wiko Roller Bike Parade

Throughout the summer, the Wiko Roller Bike Parade brings you all over Belgium to make you live unforgettable moments! Rollerblades, bike, longboard... What will be your preferred mean of transport?

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Wiko Roller Bike Parade

The biggest meeting in Belgium

For this season 2018, the Wiko Roller Bike Parade will be held in several cities from June 1 to September 14, for the pleasure of all fans of alternative mobility. The event is totally free for young and old.

WARNING: in case of bad weather, for security reasons the parade can be canceled. The day of the parade at 4 pm, an official announcement will be made on the website and the Facebook page of the event.

This year, the Wiko Roller Bike Parade reinvents itself through new collaborations and performances by local artists and collectives.

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The trails

For beginners and advanced participants


A parade of more or less 5 km suitable for all, beginners as well as confirmed, for children and adults, lasting about 40 minutes. A good opportunity to do sports while having fun. Depending on the city, the small loop stops at the 1st major break or at the starting point where we return to before continuing for the big loop.


A longer trail of more or less 20 km for amateurs and confirmed. Always in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere this loop is perfect for participants who want to workout while having fun. We return to the starting point at the end of the parade.

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New in 2018

For its 16th edition, the Roller Bike Parade puts the colors of Wiko on!
To this end, the world known smartphone brand sees things in big by offering many surprises and contests throughout the season.

Fun is part of Wiko’s DNA. Launched in Belgium in 2014, the smartphone brand Wiko wishes to offer this “extra smile” to the city dwellers through its commitment in family leisures, team sports and music festivals. This is why taking part in the next Roller Bike Parade 2018 is so obvious for Wiko, who will bike and ride through the biggest belgian cities, while enjoying the moment.

Always more vibes! The WRBP intends to make you vibrate through a musical programming full of unexpected suprises.

In 2018 our DJ’s and staff bring you to discover many Belgian cities with distinct features. So, ready for an out of ordinary sports adventure?


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