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wiko roller bike parade - Brussels
City ​​of


Beautiful  Brussels!


Brussels culture is in perpetual motion: exhibitions to peck or devour with your eyes, fairs for all tastes, typical markets, good deals at flea markets and sports events not to be missed. Indeed in Brussels, you will find everything you need to do sports. Do you want to let off steam regularly? Associations and sports classes are legion in the capital.

Are you visiting the capital this summer? Then, don’t miss the AG Roller Bike Parade every Friday from the majestic Poelaert Square. Departure time: 8pm

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wiko roller bike parade - Hasselt
City ​​of


Capital of good taste!


This variety of tastes forms a unique culture! The cultural offer is extremely large (gin museum, fashion museum, theater, movies, music…), the exceptional gastronomic culture (restaurants, local specialties’ shops) and the city center, ideal for shopping. Willing to discover the very heart of Limburg, a pleasant and egalitarian province? See you at the Hasselt’s AG Roller Bike Parade! Departure every Monday during summer from the Dusart Square. Departure time: 8pm

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wiko roller bike parade - leuven
city of


Leuven, Mecca of books and beer!


The city of Leuven combines a rich past with a dynamic student population, particularly in terms of culture. Indeed, the city is characterised by many municipal places of culture such as the museum M and the STUK artistic center but also by numerous collaborations with various cultural organisations. And for good reason, she is running for the title of European Capital of Culture 2030.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere that cheers up the most beautiful squares of Leuven by joining the AG Roller Bike Parade whose departure will be from the Martelarenplein. You will be delighted! Departure time: 7pm

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wiko roller bike parade - wavre
city of


Wavre, a city on the move!

The city of Wavre proves its dynamism and its will to be part of the great cultural scenes. Indeed, this French-speaking city is involved in a multitude of projects among which the Polyvalent Cultural Hall, also called “La Sucrerie”. Not to mention the many other charming places in Wavre just waiting to be explored.

The city, in partnership with the Vitamin Z Youth Center, is also pleased to welcome you to the Wavre sur Herbe event. For 2 weeks, from August 17 to September 2, 31 free events will be offered to all: a AG Roller Bike Parade on August 19*, outdoor movie sessions, activities for young and old, concerts, a battle dance and many other activities!

So if you want to discover the remarkable cultural heritage of this city and its many activities, do not miss the start of the Wiko Roller Bike Parade from the Cardinal Mercier Square. Departure time: 3pm.

* The rollerblades and bikes are separated by the musical pick-ups during the parade for security reasons.

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wiko roller bike parade - Charleroi
city of


“Châlèrwè” is our way to say it


Charleroi has an important cultural dimension thanks to its numerous museums and performance halls. Rich in infrastructure and sports clubs, Charleroi is also present on the sports scene. The first city of Wallonia is one where sporting activity is the most fertile, where sport is a unifying element of social life and human fulfillment.

We are lucky to announce the AG Roller Bike Parades of Charleroi in collaboration with the Rockerill. The parade will take place on the 9th of August. Departure at 8pm from the parking lot of Rockerill, Rue de la Providence 136 (6030 Charleroi). At the end of the parade, you will be able to enjoy the “apéros industriels” of the Rockerill.

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wiko roller bike parade - Ostend
City of


Let’s go to the beach!


The seaside resort of Ostend has something to attract more than one. Indeed, whether it is through its animated streets at any time of the day or night, it offers a rich and varied cultural offer. The sea, the historical monuments, the exhibitions, the shopping, the restaurants … Finally, everyone finds his account.

Replace your flip-flops with your rollerblades for a few hours! On August 5th and 12th, the AG Roller Bike Parade will take place in Ostend. At the same time, historical, modern and dynamic, you will be able to drive in the city having the sensation to have discovered the Belgian coast as never you had done it before. Then find solace in admiring the beautiful sunset on the beach.

Departure time of the parade: 4pm from Albert I-promenade 62 (8400 Ostend).

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