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It’s Flair Party at the Wiko Roller Bike Parade!

Uncategorized 3 July 2018

It’s Flair Party at the Wiko Roller Bike Parade!

Through their magazine, their websites and their social networks, Flair gives you a daily dose of inspiring and fun info. News, fashion, beauty, trends, events, good plans… Flair makes you move! It is thus obvious for them to be in the Wiko Roller Bike Parade universe to still bring more Flair!

What’s on the programme?

  • Female Pro Roller Team;
  • Fun activities, lots of goodies 100% Flair;
  • Give away of Flair magazines;
  • Great atmosphere and 100% feelgood sound with our favorite female DJ’s : Caroline and Maya Cox.


Where and when is it happening?

  • In Brussels: 20th of July
  • In Leuven: 8th of August  
  • In Wavre: 19th of August
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