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Nutcase loves active people!

News 1 June 2018

Nutcase loves active people!

This year, Nutcase teams up with the Wiko Roller Bike Parade to equip the staff who will supervise you throughout the parades. A real shared pleasure!

Are you a fan of cycling, rollerblading, scooter, skateboard, monowheel,…? With Nutcase you will find the combination of a helmet offering a maximum of security and a unique design. We believe that – in addition to protecting you – a sports helmet can be fun, stylish or simply beautiful, while reflecting the personality of each!

For more than 10 years, Nutcase manufactures helmets with high requirements of protection and comfort. The design of the helmet’s shape is unique to Nutcase: a smooth, round helmet, an extra layer of internal protection at the temples and a shell that also protects the neck. On a comfort level, Nutcase helmets also offer a maximum of features: magnetic buckle, adjustable straps, internal and external ventilation and removable visor. Over the years the assortment has been expanded: Baby Nutty, Little Nutty, Street, Tracer, Metroride … Discover our assortment on our website!

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